AddstarMC have been building an Affiliate program for Twitch live streamers. It is intended that this partnership (between AddstarMC and You, the Twitch streamer) would be a mutual benefit to both parties, by building, strengthening and integrating both our communities.

Our goal is to create an arrangement that works in both our favours. We are hoping to gain more active players joining our community and we hope that the stream/game engagement with your community could help build your stream community further, without you ever having to deal with building or running servers. You will also have direct communication with the Admin Team in case you have specific requirements or requests to assist with your stream or community.

Another mutual agreement would be that we would also help promote your stream via social media and in game announcements, and we would provide you with media/templates to use in your stream/social media to promote your streams on our server.

Twitch integration is another big part of what we can provide for you. We can work with you to develop suitable “actions” on the server (eg. strike you with lightning, spawn a mob, etc) that could be triggered by your community when they sub, cheer, redeem channel points rewards, etc. Actions can be configured to have different results (or not happen at all) in different worlds/game modes. All without the need for you to run mods or do any coding. Our AddstarBot would handle it all for you!

If this sounds interesting to you, you can submit your details on this form and we’ll contact you.

We also strongly recommend you explore the server and familiarise yourself with our many game modes.

We have always been a 100% community funded server so unfortunately we don’t have a lot of money but AddstarMC would be willing to occasionally drop gift subs in your stream or other incentives if that’s something that would be more appealing.

Also in development is a system that could provide “drops” for your viewers, that acts like traditional “Twitch Drops”. If players are on the server with you while watching your stream, they could receive gifts/rewards just for viewing. We may even be able to cater to some experiences/aspects of the server to you and your community if necessary. If this is something interesting to you, let us know.