We have created a set of rules which are designed to encourage a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.

All users are expected to follow these rules or punishments may apply for those who choose not to. This server is heavily moderated and all activity is monitored.

Core Rules

  • Be polite and thoughtful towards all players.
  • No swearing or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Claim your land to protect it from griefing (see Land Protection).
  • No griefing, stealing items or breaking other people’s stuff.
  • No yelling (talking all in capitals).
  • No spamming or advertising.
  • Respect all members and staff

Who decides if what you’re doing is breaking a rule or not? Admins and Mods – their decisions are final.

More Rules

  • Hacks and Cheats are Not Welcome Here!
  • The only mods allowed on this server: Optifine, MCCapes, Minimaps, Shaders
  • DO NOT ask for Mod/Admin/Staff ranks
    • Moderators & Admin ranks are by Invitation Only!
    • Don’t even think about asking
  • Please speak English ONLY as this is the native language of most staff and players
    • Australian/US spelling differences will be forgiven ðŸ™‚
  • We don’t publicly discuss why players are warned or banned
  • If you are offline over 120 days, your builds may be removed
    • This policy helps keep survival and other worlds uncluttered and full of free land


  • Please treat all players with respect, including our volunteer moderators!
  • Moderators enforce the rules on our server
  • DO NOT beg for items – Moderators do not play in Creative mode!
  • They can help you with issues but first please make a /ticket
  • Lying to moderators is never a good path to take – they know if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake

And of course, all rules are subject to change.