A brief history of Addstar MC

Early 2012 As a family we all had Minecraft on the ipods. Sitting around playing and then came the idea why not get it on the computer. After much pleading from our son we finally gave in and bought an account. Soon our two kids were both playing and the two kids across the road were also hooked, but the servers they played generally had crude language and lots of spawn camping. We looked but couldn’t find a server we were happy to let our youngest play. The kids all wanted to play together.

March 2012 Addstar set up a lan server getting it working barely with the neighbours but it was laggy and not worthwhile so with a little playing around we set up our first server, though not whitelisted we never advertised and the the kids played happily with each other, soon though they got bored with only the four of them playing. Then the kids would go on other servers and if they trusted someone they would invite players back to our little home server. We tried maze and archery and a few other plugins, we had a small group of players but it was growing.

August 2012 Addstar was growing we were seeing more players and with the new update we built the base of what is the current spawn. We tried many plugins and had factions and towny but our focus was always making it so younger players could protect their stuff easily and play games with their friends. The first true survival world for Addstar was opened and we started putting our server up on websites to bring in more public players.

September 2012 The server was getting too heavy on our little home server and we decided it was time to pay for it to be hosted elsewhere and so the server was moved to the US at a total of $20 a month we started asking for donations to cover the costs. We also had a regular player base with up to 14 players on at a time. It was booming. The US however was not the lag free experience we wished for, and there was some frustration. While we looked to move to bigger better things. We started bringing on other players to help as mods.

November 2012 We found ourselves on the move again, this time to Singapore, a little closer to home. We had made it, or so we thought. This was a far better server and it was closer and our player base and community continued to grow. Now we were reaching 20 to 25 players on sometime and we welcomed our 1000th player an amazing number considering the servers beginnings.

January 2013 The server had gotten too big for us to handle ourselves and we brought in Archmohaa as an admin to help, he had a passion for games and soon more games maps were added. With a gaming background Arch was able to give us some more creative ideas.

March 2013We started this current website, we finally moved home to Australia, though it was an expensive move. Thanks to the community, the donations were flowing in and our server costs were still being covered. We touched base with the mingames developer and started a dialogue with them sometimes asking for things that we wanted in our games. Everything was running smoothly and we could have up to 30 players on at a time. We were now moving up to 5000+ unique logins.

August 2013 Unfortunately for them and lucky for us, the workload of creating minigames and handling a server was not working so we brought _Razz_ on as staff and his other admin Schmoller on as our newest admins. Razz continues with minigames and we are lucky enough to have him work as admin too, while schmoller works hard making new plugins and repairing old ones among other things. The five admins along with our moderators and submods and things were moving smoother.

April 2014 It has been a year since we moved the server to Australia, the server requirements have changed, memory, extra data etc. The staff has changed with submods and mods being added and changed, and the community has grown and become our other family. Two years ago I couldn’t have imagine that we would be so big and so popular! We have now had just under 30,000 unique players join, we have up to 70 players on at anytime and we have nearly 20 staff

July 2014 The server continued to grow, now with more than 45,000 unique players and 80+ players during peak times. We initiated very big plans to greatly reduce the server lag, improve the overall experience and add many new things to do!

October 2014 We became a server network! There is a central Hub world, and from there you can access Survival, Creative, Games, etc. This required a huge effort by the administrators to assure that chat, Unscramble, etc. world work seamlessly betwen the different servers. We also rolled out True Hardcore, where you can face a new challenge of surviving and thriving, knowing that when you die, all of your builds will be removed and you will have to start over from scratch.

October 2015 Thanks to improved hardware, the server can now support 120+ players during peak times. We continue to have several thousand regular players, MiniGames has grown even more, we have over 15 moderators, and we have added two new admins, Alchemistmatt and Narimm.

~ This history is very out of date and was not continued.. we hope to update it soon ~