It’s happening!! 🎉🥳🐧🐼 The recently announced Penguins vs Pandas Hardcore3 world will be opening tomorrow! 👉 When: Friday, 11th August 2023 @ 6PM-ish (Sydney time) 👉 How: Be sure to read the original news post so you know how it works, hang around in Hub and when it’s ready to open (expect a 15-20min delay), Broady will announce it in game. 👉 Watch Live: You can watch the opening live on two different Twitch streams:Read Full Post

Did you know the real meaning of PvP is… Penguins vs Pandas?? Hardcore3 is coming back.. and it’s a hardcore like no other! 🐧🐼 It’s a hardcore world based on two kingdoms. These two kingdoms will begin at peace with each other but you know when a penguin and panda spend too much time together, war is inevitable… when will this happen? No one knows, but it will happen.. (admins will decide). How does itRead Full Post

It’s been a great 30 days with the AddstarMC/place community event, but unfortunately all good things come to an end. Thanks to everyone who participated, we’ve loved seeing all your creative and interesting artworks! Although the 30s cooldown was pretty gruelling, we think the overall event was a big success and we hope to run it again someday. We’ve learned a lot from it and have ideas of ways to improve it, so stay tuned!Read Full Post

Many of you already know there’s been some changes to our Webstore and many discussions going on (on discord) about the state of the server. In case you don’t know, to catch you up, we recently received a server ban (which has been removed now) from Minecraft/Microsoft for not complying with the Minecraft EULA and Commercial Usage Guidelines with some of the items on our Webstore and Website. We’ve been in direct communications with theRead Full Post