Happy Anniversary

April 2012 we started our little server with the intention of giving our kids a safe environment to play minecraft, apart from the mobs of course. Kids being kids got bored playing on their own and wanted more people to play on the server with them and so August last year we added our server to the minecraft player list and one year on we have mini games, skyblock, markets and too many other things to mention. 

Some facts about the past year;

We have had 10868 players through our server

We have banned 349 of them

We have 106 plugins (including one useless one to change the staff’s armor to disco armor)

We have 11 worlds

We have 3 admins

We have 7 mods

We have 6 sub/mods

We have 208 market stores made by users

We have 357 registered users on this website

We have 91 likers on facebook

We have 11 followers on twitter


One big amazing family. Thank you all for making this server a place we want to be, and a place we are proud of. 

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