Drop Party Tomorrow and Q&A!

There is less then 24 hours until our big drop party this Saturday to celebrate our YouTube channel’s 100 sub milestone! (The exact time and date once again is Saturday at Midday 23rd August AEST, thats Sydney time!)

UPDATE: The drop party was amazing! For the first time ever, we had 100 players online and filled up the server!! Everyone had a fantastic time and we had a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Arch is going to release a video soon of all the celebrations and all the craziness.. don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Do you have a serious or silly question you’ve been dying to ask an admin? Well we will be recording the party tomorrow and answering player questions! Please leave your questions below this news post or if you have been given access, join us live in the recording studio on Vent and ask your questions in the chat room!

Lastly i have another video for you all! Just a small compilation of the silliness that goes on behind the scenes…

Lets give away some more money! As always /sendmail archmohaa in game the answer to the following question to receive 5k in game money!

What music according to Schmoller spices up every YouTube video to make it better? (because they all seem to use it!)

Until next time, keep on digging and may the blocks be with you (HA! get it? Star Wars bwhaha)


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