Achievements in Survival

Our new achievement system is now live on the Survival server. There are over 500 achievements that you can work toward. Examples include:

  • Place 500 stones
  • Craft 100 torches
  • Kill 50 zombies
  • Travel 1000 blocks by boat
  • Tame an animal

To see the achievements, use command /aach list  Use the window that appears to browse the achievement categories and the goals for each achievement.

Once you have met the requirements for an achievement, you will get a notice that you have “received the achievement”. You will be awarded a key, but that key does not go in your inventory; it is tracked behind the scenes by the server.

To redeem the key for a reward, go to /spawn in survival and look for the Rewards sign. Right click one of the three chests and mouse over the blocks; that shows you how many keys you have available to redeem. Left click to turn in the key to receive a random reward.

Other commands are available, as shown with /aach help; these include:
/aach stats – number of achievements you have completed
/aach top   – top achievement players
/aach book  – a book listing your completed achievements

As always, if there are issues, make aย /ticket
Have fun!ย 

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