17cm is nearly here!! That’s right, next Friday, 17cm 17th June 2022, Survival 1.18 will be opening!!(exact time still to be announced)Yes, we are well aware that 1.19 has been released, but no one wants to wait another 6 months for plugins to update and become stable, for survival to reopen. What to expect? Refer to the previous post for full details, but here’s what you need to know:  On a final note, on the 17th June, there will be a 17% off sale for 17Read Full Post

Current Survival has been with us since December 2018, as a new 1.13 server. That was back with the Aquatic Update, which brought us colourful coral, dolphins, turtles, tridents and the all important sea pickles! As mentioned several times this year, Survival is getting a full reset, and we’ve been working hard over the past several months to make this happen. But the important thing is, on Monday 23rd May, Survival Server will be shutdown. Removed. Gone. To makeRead Full Post

Good news… It’s time to begin storing your survival “keepsakes”!You can now store items in a special “Keepsake” inventory which will be carried over to the new survival world when it’s live. To access your Keepsake, type /keep in Survival. Important: Your Keepsave is only to be used for sentimental/cosmetic memorabilia items that you cannot replace and NOT for items of market/economic value! Donation items are also not allowed. If an item type is blocked, it’s also not allowed! All items youRead Full Post

Greetings all. Time for server news… Survival Build Showcase With the upcoming 1.18 Survival server reset, we are giving you an opportunity to show off the creations that you (and your friends) have been working on over the last several years! Instead of posting your builds on the forums (although, feel free to do so), we will be taking submissions and posting screenshots of YOUR builds on the AddstarMC social media pages Players will also be given theRead Full Post