Survival 1.18 Coming Soon!

Current Survival has been with us since December 2018, as a new 1.13 server. That was back with the Aquatic Update, which brought us colourful coral, dolphins, turtles, tridents and the all important sea pickles!

As mentioned several times this year, Survival is getting a full reset, and we’ve been working hard over the past several months to make this happen.

But the important thing is, on Monday 23rd May, Survival Server will be shutdown. Removed. Gone. To make way for the new revamped Survival (1.18.2).
(Note: This is just the shutdown of the current survival, we have no date yet for the opening of the new survival)

In the meantime, we wanted to share how the new Survival 1.18 will work and all the new features it will bring:

  • First off, things we’re keeping:
    • Grief Prevention
    • Slimefun
    • Advanced Achievements (aach)
    • Mob Hunting
    • Jobs
    • Bonus & Rewards
  • Dedicated resource/mining worlds!!
    • Two new resource worlds (overworld + nether).
    • Worlds reset each month (with a new seed and new content from major upgrades).
    • Random teleports to enter worlds.
    • Can also set homes in the resource worlds.
  • Player Vaults (donation only):
    • Carry additional inventories with you (these are not lost on death)!
    • Access each vault at any time via command (in any survival world).
    • Donate for up to 5 vaults!
  • Slimefun:
    • All Slimefun features enabled (Industrial Miners, Jetpacks, Parachutes, etc)!
    • Many basic machines will be unlocked from the start.
    • New donation packs to accellerate your journey!
    • MarketSearch (/ms) can now search for Slimefun items.
    • Market (QuickShop) chests show Slimefun items properly.
    • Slimefun works in resource worlds.
  • Other changes:
    • Survival spawn now has it’s own world (like skygrid).
    • The main Nether will no longer be reset regularly, so you will be able to set homes, create claims and permanent builds!!
    • Revamped/improved Kits (Starter and Donator level specific kits).
    • Greatly improved info areas for a better new player experience.
    • Extensive Slimefun demo/tutorial area to help new players!

Sadly, pandas still exist, so unfortunately you’ll still have have to deal with those pesky bamboo eating critters again..

Stay tuned.. there will be more updates soon!

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