We have a new… Web.. Sight! 不

For almost eight years, our website was hosted by Enjin, a website builder designed specifically for gaming communities. When we first launched it, the website was a vital part of the community. Providing community forums and other “social” functions for players. Since then the website has not changed much, became very “dated” and was never mobile friendly.

Enjin recently announced that they will be shutting down all website hosting, as they no longer want to operate in that industry, so we decided it was time for us to finally make a proper (modern) website!

These days most community discussions happen on Discord and social media, and the forums rarely get used so for now, we will not have forums on our website. We may decide to bring them back in the future or maybe even introduce Discord forums.. we haven’t decided yet.

Other than forums, most of the same content has been brought over and we have plans to do even more with the website in the future!

We also took this opportunity to use an easier/simpler URL: https://www.addstarmc.com/

This was a massive effort from several people but I want to specifically give a huge thank you to Sketch for painstakingly copying over most of the website posts and wiki pages from our old website 戊

Keep in mind, this is all very new to us, so bear with us while we deal with any teething issues!

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