AddstarMC/place – Community Pixel Art

Do you remember Reddit’s r/place worldwide collaborative pixel art project? Communities came together to take over their own little parts of the giant canvas and build some incredible artwork!

Well, we are launching our very own giant pixel art project, right here in AddstarMC, and you can be part of it! Just head to Hub and click the Painting icon. The event will run for 30 days and we encourage everyone to leave their little mark on the canvas. Gather friends/teams, or work solo to build your masterpiece!

The canvas is 1000×1000 blocks and you can choose from a palette of 32 blocks.

You can view the live canvas at (updated every 10mins).


  • NO inappropriate/offensive builds.
  • You are allowed to change or extend art of other people but no griefing/malicious work!
  • This is an evolving collaborative effort.
  • You can’t claim or own any part of the canvas (including pixels you place).
  • Each person can place 1 pixel per 30 seconds.
  • Canvas will be available for only 30 days.

Looking forward to see what you all come up with – Be creative and have fun! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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