Another year has flown by! With so much that has gone on this year with Community Parkour, a new Website, Prison Prestige, AddstarMC/place community pixel art, 1.20 released, Webstore changes, Hardcore 3 Penguins vs Pandas, Build Comp return, and so much more…. all while trying to juggle real life activities. But keeping to tradition, our build team has put together another amazing Xmas Hub for you to explore. Be sure to take some time toRead Full Post

A long long time ago, Comp world was a thing. Comps that lasted 2-3 weeks that showcased some amazing builds and creativeness from everyone. But then Mojang did its thing and updated, which subsequently broke our Comp plugin. The last official comp ended with GamesLobby back in Feb2020. Since then there were several other comps carried out, but without the core plugin behind it all, it was far too much work to continue. Move onRead Full Post

What is 7 years old, and is ready to retire? Skyblock…. In Dec2016, Skyblock was revamped to bring in a plethora of challenges and rewards. Sadly, the plugin we used is slowly being neglected with only bug fixes being monitored, and no new features are implemented. So, I’ve put my big panda foot down, and spoke to add5tar of the pros and cons of a way forward. Since the release of survival update. I’ve beenRead Full Post

Christmas Carnival ??! It’s that very special time of year again when Santa brings everyone bags of coal and rotten potatos.. but not us! Thanks to our very talented Built Team, hub has been transformed into an incredible Christmas Carnival land, with real actual working rides for everyone   What’s your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Shares Facebook Twitter Messenger Reddit EmailRead Full Post