All the planning, the stealth, the team work. Everything leading up to one thing: WAR!and now it’s right around the corner… Hardcore3 war date has been set: 6th October, 2023 @ 7PM (AEDST) It’s time to see which Kingdom will remain… Penguins or Pandas? In case you didn’t see it (or need a refresher), refer to the HC3 War Information post from a few weeks ago. It will explain everything you need to know aboutRead Full Post

We recently said goodbye to our old 1.19 Hardcore1/Hardcore2 worlds, which had been open for 12 months and we were so impressed by some of the incredible HC1 builds! We know you’ve been wanting to start fresh and explore all the new 1.20 Minecraft features… Well we’ve got some good news: The all new 1.20.1 HC1/HC2 worlds are almost ready! SundaeLatte is hosting the launch party live on twitch: We’re looking forward to seeing allRead Full Post

Firstly: No, this is not an announcement of war. There is no war date set yet. In case you have been living under a rock (or hiding in a cave), we recently launched a new major HC3 event called Pandas vs Penguins. This world begins peaceful and ends in war between two kingdoms. We intend to announce a war date soon but before then, we wanted to give you all the information about how warRead Full Post

Just over 12 months ago we launched a new Hardcore1/2 for Minecraft 1.19. But as with all good things, it’s time to say goodbye.. and say hello to Hardcore 1.20! As many of you know, we always reset our hardcore worlds when a new major Minecraft version is released (and when all the relevant plugins are updated). We know it’s short notice but Hardcore1/2 will be shutdown Sunday 10th September. The old worlds will beRead Full Post