Do you enjoy playing Survival Games? We are hosting our first ever Survival Games Tournament. There will be interesting prizes for all participants and of course there will be special rewards for the winners. It should be great fun for everyone so please spread the word and ask your friends to join in! When:Sunday 31st March, 3pm-6pm (Sydney time) Where: Survival Games Arena Looking forward to seeing your all in game! 🙂Read Full Post

Hey everyone, Arch here again, with the latest features and updates for Addstar MC! The very biggest and greatest announcement, which trumps all others, is ADDSTAR MC IS FINALLY MOVING BACK TO AUSTRALIA!!! Thats right! We have now gone back down under and are proud to give you guys a much much faster and more powerful server than we have ever had. The last week of such TERRIBLE and UNPLAYABLE lagg due to bigpond/telstra customers suffering wasRead Full Post

Welcome to the new website What a busy month the Addstar team have had. We have changed all our DONATOR PACKS around so there are a few new things you can get and some more bulk value packs. Our New website is coming together nicely although suggestions are always appreciated.  We have set a goal of $400 dollars for the month of March and if we reach this we will be moving the server to AUSTRALIA!Read Full Post

Just wanted to write a quick post regarding the latest Minecraft update and our server. Our Server: The software we use is called CraftBukkit. It is a modified version of the official Minecraft server, developed by a team of volunteers who release it for free! 🙂 Each time Mojang releases a new Minecraft update, the Bukkit team work incredibly hard to release an update as soon as possible, but it can take several days after the Minecraft release for CraftBukkitRead Full Post