Hi everyone! We’ve recently had a lot of issues with our Hardcore2 world, so I’ve written a post to help clear things up. This is a very important post for anyone who plays Hardcore (either worlds).Read Full Post

Hey everyone, As most of you already know, we recently re-opened hardcore with all new worlds and 1.8! Since the launch, it’s become more popular and we’ve had lots of people applying to join! Unfortunately it’s getting difficult to keep up so we have created an Automatic Whitelist System. You will no longer need to apply for hardcore, players will be automatically added when they match the required criteria. You will be automatically added to the hardcore whitelist if: You will be automatically removed from the hardcoreRead Full Post

Hello everyone, For those who aren’t already aware, Hardcore has been re-opened! The worlds and all items/stats have been reset. The maps are now fully 1.8 generated with all the new ores and animals. You will also notice the new enchantment mechanics (with lapis) and other changes as expected. Remember, hardcore is a whitelisted game and new players must apply. Any players who were already on the whitelist do not need to re-apply, you already have access. Special thanks to SchmollerRead Full Post

Greetings all Hardcore players! Please see the post regarding the announcement of the destruction of the current Hardcore worlds. This destruction is to prepare for the reset of worlds and upgrade of Hardcore to 1.8. New hardcore applications have also been closed until the new worlds are open. We encourage all current players to build up supplies in HC2 and prepare a PVP hunt on the final day! Good luck everyone -addRead Full Post