Greetings all. Time for server news… Survival Build Showcase With the upcoming 1.18 Survival server reset, we are giving you an opportunity to show off the creations that you (and your friends) have been working on over the last several years! Instead of posting your builds on the forums (although, feel free to do so), we will be taking submissions and posting screenshots of YOUR builds on the AddstarMC social media pages Players will also be given theRead Full Post

Just a few months ago we introduced FlyingFox to our minimal lineup of Elytracour maps. FlyingFox exceeded our expectations and became another beloved Elytra course which has now been completed 4,518 times by 165 different players! To put that into perspective, that’s 1759.26% more wins than add5tar has ever won in all Minigames combined!  When we announced FlyingFox we also promised another map was soon to follow… we lied… there are two new maps! After several months of tedious work, Octoni has finished an astonishingly detailedRead Full Post

Hello all! Ever since our first elytra course, WormHole, and the overwhelmingly positive approval by the community, we’ve been extremely excited to release more maps of the same format. The incredible builder croweater, who has built one of our more recent Minigame maps TowerDimensions, now has another map under their belt, FlyingFox!  FlyingFox is a slightly more difficult map than WormHole due to the more challenging flight path and a change in game mechanics. If you land on the groundRead Full Post

Hello all! I hope everyone is staying safe in the midst of these confronting times. But while we have some extra time at home what better way to spend it than trying out a brand new Minigame!!  This Saturday Mar 28, at 10 AM AEDT add5tar and ArtfulMelody will be streaming while we launch a new style of Minigame! It’s a first-person-shooter style addition to our already massive lineup of last man standing games (LMS). There are twoRead Full Post