Update 15/2/2013

Heya Everyone. Be sure to check here for all the latest news, updates, bug fixes and sneak peaks into secret projects in development!

New Additions:

  • We have completely redesigned the wilds portal area at spawn. We now have a total of 11 warp locations all across the survival map. As always to get there type /wild
  • You may have noticed spawn is buzzing with life! We have started to test out the core components of a plugin called Citizens. Explore around spawn and say hello to some of the NPCs
  • We have implemented a Server Achievement Program. You may have noticed people getting “Newbie Stone Breaker” etc.. Each achievement comes with its own reward. Just play the game as normal and unlock them!
  • Skyblock has been updated and has its very own achievements. Get back to developing those islands!

Updates & Bug Fixes In The Pipeline:

  • The rest of CTF V1.2 will be implemented this weekend! Including the reopenning of CTFCastle and a new mini 1v1 map.
  • Many new mini games are being worked on including a fishing tournament!
  • The Games world is getting a complete overhaul.
  • The Archery Range is being completely remade with different ranges and rewards to be won!
  • The Casino is being completely remade, with different prizes and themes.
  • Many many more achievements to be added to the Server achievement list.
  • Utilizing the citizens plugin, developing interactable NPCs via chat commands and many other actions. Developing quests and making games including seigeable forts to be conquered. Very powerful plugin!
  • Admin shop displays fix
  • Chat filter tweaks
  • Various server tweaks to improve overall playability and performance

Secret Development Project Info:

  • A new world to test the most seasoned of players. It will be hard at its very core
  • An amazing remake of an old favourite. WIll you get lost?
  • A new PVE (Player Vs Environment) game is being developed. Code named ZS. Will you survive?
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