Say Goodbye to Prison Parole…

…and say Hello to Prison Prestige! ๐Ÿฅณ

In the past, when you finished Prison, you would just be “Paroled” and could only spend your Prison life wandering aimlessly through mines with nothing else to do… well, no more!

Now when completing Prison, you will be promoted to a “Prestige” rank. Prestige players receive a permanent shop multiplier, which is increased each time you complete prison and “level up”. This is a personal multiplier and is added to the Global Multiplier activated from VIP rewards.

If you have already finished Prison (and already on parole), just join the Prison server and you will be automatically promoted to Prestige Level 1 ๐ŸŽ‰

We know how time consuming and tedious it is to finish Prison, so the first time you complete Prison, you will receive these incredible rewards:

  • Donation coupon worth AUD$25.
  • Exclusive Prison trails (can be used anywhere on the server).
  • Your choice of one OP item below:

AND then every time you complete Prison (not just your first time), you can select one of these amazing rewards, to be received in survival, skyblock or skygrid:

  1. Netherite Pickaxe: Unbreaking 3, Fortune 8
  2. Netherite Pickaxe: Mending, Efficiency 10
  3. Netherite Axe: Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 10
  4. Netherite Axe: Unbreaking 10, Efficiency 5
  5. Netherite Shovel: Unbreaking 10, Efficiency 5
  6. Netherite Sword: Unbreaking 3, Looting 8
  7. Bow: Unbreaking 3, Power 8, Infinity
  8. Elytra: Unbreaking 10
    (reward list subject to change at any time)

When you complete Prison, just submit a /ticket and let us know which reward you want!

Happy Mining!!

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