Spoopy Discount Code 💀🎃🐈‍⬛ It’s Friday the 13th and Halloween is soon.. so it’s time for something special! For the rest of the month of October, use the discount code SPOOPY23 on our web store to get a discount of 13% off ALL purchases! Enter the coupon code at the checkout to receive the discount. Prison VIP is back! ⛏️🌟 We’ve finally brought back Prison VIP.. in a new and improved way! No more recurringRead Full Post

…and say Hello to Prison Prestige! 🥳 In the past, when you finished Prison, you would just be “Paroled” and could only spend your Prison life wandering aimlessly through mines with nothing else to do… well, no more! Now when completing Prison, you will be promoted to a “Prestige” rank. Prestige players receive a permanent shop multiplier, which is increased each time you complete prison and “level up”. This is a personal multiplier and isRead Full Post

Hello all! While isolation has become a big part of people’s everyday lives, we decided to improve our server’s own isolation corner; Prison!  We’ve been working on adapting Prison’s Key Rewards to more accurately suit each rank and consequently bring a better experience to particularly the mid-to-high-end mines. These changes should be immediately noticeable when cashing in your keys at /rewards. We have increased the chances of finding items from the rarer loot tables and bumped theRead Full Post

Hello All! At some point while playing Prison, I’m sure you’ve questioned “What happens at the end?… What rewards are there?… Why am I still mining??” Well, I’m glad you asked!  The rewards are set up for anyone to receive. You don’t have to be a Donator, nor a VIP Subscriber. ANYONE can earn these rewards,  and we challenge as many people as possible to win them!  Store CouponA one-time-use $25 discount on a shopping cart full of your desiredRead Full Post