So what’s going on with the server?

Many of you already know there’s been some changes to our Webstore and many discussions going on (on discord) about the state of the server. In case you don’t know, to catch you up, we recently received a server ban (which has been removed now) from Minecraft/Microsoft for not complying with the Minecraft EULA and Commercial Usage Guidelines with some of the items on our Webstore and Website.

We’ve been in direct communications with the Minecraft Enforcement Team with regards to our compliance and have begun making major changes to comply. We still have a lot to change and many decisions to make, and we know there’s a lot of questions but we ask you all to be patient while we figure things out.

What does this mean for the server?

It’s an unfortunate fact that server hosting costs are expensive, especially in Australia. To cover these costs and allow us to continue providing the awesome services we have, we rely on the incredible support from our community (via purchases and donations). In recent months we have not been meeting our monthly funding goals and with these new changes it might make it even harder.

Rest assured: We have no intention of shutting down if we can avoid it, but we do need your help!

How can you help?

A few people have asked us how they can help and I wanted to write up something to give everyone an understanding on what they can do to help us.

  1. Every server needs online players to be successful, especially new players. More players means more fun for everyone and also means a better chance of getting more funding from purchases/donations. Consider sharing the server info with your friends, communities and groups. Post about it on social media, share your stories, screenshots of your builds, etc. The more people we reach, the better chance we have to grow!
  2. If you’re not keen on the whole social media thing, that’s ok! Another way you can help is just being on the server. Enjoying the many various experiences we have to offer, getting involved with the community, welcoming new players, showing an example of how great this community is!
  3. And of course the last thing is financial support. Every purchase or donation is wholeheartedly appreciated and greatly helps us! But we never want anyone to feel obligated to spend money and please, if you do want to, only do so if your personal situation allows it.

Once again, we want to truly thank you for all the support over the years and we are incredibly proud of this amazing community! Looking forward to seeing you all online.. and yes, even pandas ๐Ÿคฃ

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