Coming soon: Hardcore3 – Penguins vs Pandas

Did you know the real meaning of PvP is… Penguins vs Pandas??

Hardcore3 is coming back.. and it’s a hardcore like no other! ๐Ÿง๐Ÿผ

It’s a hardcore world based on two kingdoms. These two kingdoms will begin at peace with each other but you know when a penguin and panda spend too much time together, war is inevitable… when will this happen? No one knows, but it will happen.. (admins will decide).

How does it work?

  • Hardcore World: This is a Minecraft 1.20.1 world, the first one we’ve opened. As with all our hardcore worlds, when you die you lose all your items and everything you have done will rollback. In this world, you will also lose your “Favor” (currency) each time you die, but you won’t lose towns or claims. You also stay with the same kingdom across all lives.
  • Kingdoms: Before starting hardcore, you will need to carefully choose your devotion to a kingdom. Think carefully though, once you join a kingdom, you cannot change! During war times, you will be expected to support and defend your kingdom.. no game throwing (eg. helping the enemy, even if your friend is there)!
  • Capitals: Each kingdom has a Capital created by admins and displays their Kingdom Monument. Although monuments are glorious displays of devotion to their kingdom, they also contain 12 special obsidian blocks. During war time, if attackers destroy all obsidian blocks in a Capital Monument, that Kingdom will be destroyed and the war is over.
  • Towns: All kingdom members can “settle” (create) a town for their kingdom. When you settle a town, your kingdom’s monument will be copied to the initial chunk where the town is settled. There are no limits to how much town land you can claim, but claiming costs “Favor”. Towns also give kingdoms strength, we suggest multiple towns per kingdom.
  • Favor: The world economy is called “Favor”. You will earn Favor periodically and by completing quests. Use Favor for upgrading town abilities, shields and claiming more land.
  • Sanctuary: There is a “safe zone” sanctuary at 0/0. You can receive free daily “Favor” by visiting here. PVP is also disabled in sanctuaries.

When will it be open?

We’ve been working hard to get this ready and it’s very close…
You might notice there’s a new Community Goal on our Web Store. When that goal is achieved, we’ll work even harder to make sure Hardcore3 is open within 7 days!

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