HC3 War Information

Firstly: No, this is not an announcement of war. There is no war date set yet.

In case you have been living under a rock (or hiding in a cave), we recently launched a new major HC3 event called Pandas vs Penguins. This world begins peaceful and ends in war between two kingdoms.

We intend to announce a war date soon but before then, we wanted to give you all the information about how war will work and what is to be expected.

โš ๏ธ Notice: Creation of new towns is NOW permanently disabled (to avoid planning a town imbalance and never ending Capital protection).

What to expect during war:

  • All blocks within enemy towns can be attacked/changed (except for chests).
  • No one can place blocks in monuments, but enemies can destroy blocks.
  • A Capital monument can only be captured when that kingdom has only 5 (or less) towns.

Capturing Town Monuments:

  • An enemy monument is “captured” (ownership taken) when all 12 obsidian blocks are broken.
  • A discord notification will be sent to #hardcore channel when a town is captured.
  • When less than 3 kingdom members are online, that kingdom is protected after a 5-minute delay.
  • All damage to monuments is repaired 5 minutes after the last damage done to it.

Winning War:

  • Capturing the enemy Capital will instantly destroy the enemy kingdom.
  • All members of the destroyed kingdom will become Barbarians (“kingdomless”).
  • All towns of the captured kingdom will be deleted/unclaimed (but builds/items will remain).


  • When a kingdom is destroyed, all those kingdom members permanently become Barbarians.
  • Barbarians cannot claim land and but placing a bed creates a “Barbarian Camp” in the chunk the bed was placed in, which cannot be expanded.
  • Camps prevent enemies accessing/breaking chests within the land.

Once war is over, there will be no opportunity to join the winning kingdom and no new players will be allowed to join. The world will remain for a limited time (for admins to decide).

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