AddstarMC Update: May 2024

Hey awesome Addstarians!

We know it’s been a while since our last post but we are super excited to bring you some important updates. The Admin hamsters have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make some big changes that should make for an even better Minecraft experience!

  • We’ve been MIA for a bit 🕵️ Some of you might have noticed our absence in recent weeks… Life decided to throw some personal issues our way, and we’ve also been hard at work behind the scenes. So we ask that you panda bear with us a little longer! We’ll be back around more regularly soon…
  • New servers, who dis? 💪 We’ve recently had the opportunity to upgrade our servers to shiny new ones with twice the capacity/power for the same monthly cost! This is a HUGE win but has been a massive effort and still not completed. We’ll be able to run even more servers and worlds, bringing you even more awesome content!!
  • Goodbye BungeeCord, Hello Velocity! 🚀 After 10 years running a BungeeCord server network, we’ve decided it’s time to migrate to Velocity. A modern, high performance, more stable proxy software, which should make your connections faster and more reliable. This is a very complex technical migration and has been in the works for months… we hope to have it completed in the coming weeks.
  • Your support needed! 💸 Although these awesome new servers have the same monthly cost, sadly there’s a one-off higher cost this month to migrate. As you all know, we rely on this amazing community for funding, so any additional support you can provide would be super appreciated. Every little bit helps keep our world spinning! ❤️
  • HC3 is on the horizon ⏳ Our brand new Hardcore 3 is coming very soon… We can’t spill the beans just yet, but trust us, it’s going to be epic! Stay tuned for the release as soon as we can carve out a bit more time. We are a small team and there’s only so much we can do.

Thanks for being part of this incredible community… Your support means everything to us and is truly appreciated!

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