It’s here, It’s Bold, It’s out there. The vivid colours of 1.12 are now on all servers of AddstarMC. So hopefully by now everyone is using 1.12 clients to join AddstarMC There is also a Comp currently running. “Lots of Colour”. I must apologise here…. I preemptively opened the comp without it being ready for 1.12. For those that jumped in and started creating, sorry. But you can start using vivid coloured concrete blocks now. SkyGrid hasRead Full Post

Our latest of The Movies has closed. First place is crazyian9 who wins a cool in game $10000. Second place is InfiniteLlamas who win a nice $5000. Feel free to visit the Comp2 world to see the entries, or visit the Exhibit world to see the past winners. (Exhibit Warp is in the corner of the field in the Comp Lobby)  The next comp has now started in Comp 1. 3D Statue. Make sure to read the criteria for the comp with /compinfoRead Full Post

Our Futuristic Spaceship comp has closed. First place is _crossbow_ with a ship reminiscent of classic Star Trek. Second place is ReapersAura with a fleet of ships. Visit the Comp2 world to see the entries, or visit the Exhibit world to see past winners (the Exhibit warp is in the corner of the field in the comp lobby). Enjoying the Halloween themed hub? Get in on the action with this year’s Halloween-themed comp: Haunted Tree. Create a supersized, haunted tree. Must alsoRead Full Post

Our latest building competition is now open, and the theme is Futuristic Space Ships.  I wonder if we’ll have any Star Trek or Star Wars entries.  Enter from the comp lobby, accessible from /hub Extended voting for the Olympics build is now closed, and the winner is CocoaClo. Congratulations! Second place turned out to be a tie: ExtremeIronman and GalaxyUnicorn. Vote results for the Harry Potter build are also in: first place goes to Ester111 while Wolfkeeper5’s build came in second. You can view the past winners of all of our comps byRead Full Post