Who likes Parkour, Survival, Grinding, Khaos? Well combine those things into one, and you get KhaosLand SkyGrid. Back in Oct19 we shutdown SkyGrid. (since then we’ve heard nothing but Khaos….literally) But it was a 1.12 world and was not possible to update beyond. We took the big step to shut it down and work on a 1.14 version. A few weeks later 1.15 was released. Long story short…. SkyGrid 1.15 is coming soon!!! We’ve had many hurdlesRead Full Post

Howdy all. Just a quick notice that SkyGrid server will be shutting down on Thursday 31 Oct 19. SkyGrid has been with us since Jun2017 and was one of our first servers to be 1.12. Unfortunately as Minecraft updates it becomes harder to keep the worlds updated. Its now come to the point where SkyGrid cannot be upgraded to 1.14 in its current form. So we have decided that destroying the world and restarting with a freshRead Full Post

With SkyGrid out for a month now, we have put together some Items in the shop. (under the new SKYGRID group)  Similar to Survival we have included God Armour, Ultimate Weapons, and Ultimate Mining. Also Bottles o’Enchanting in 3 different pack sizes. And finally, Extra Claim Blocks for Skygrid. There are 2 pack sizes. One of an extra 5,000 blocks, and the other of an extra 10,000 blocks. When in the Shop, clicking on the individual packsRead Full Post

It’s here, It’s Bold, It’s out there. The vivid colours of 1.12 are now on all servers of AddstarMC. So hopefully by now everyone is using 1.12 clients to join AddstarMC There is also a Comp currently running. “Lots of Colour”. I must apologise here…. I preemptively opened the comp without it being ready for 1.12. For those that jumped in and started creating, sorry. But you can start using vivid coloured concrete blocks now. SkyGrid hasRead Full Post