Earlier this year we launched Community Parkour – A parkour world created entirely by YOU! Unfortunately due to some compatibility issues with server upgrades, it has been broken for a while… but now it’s back and just as awesome as ever! 🥳 We’ve loved seeing the creativity in your parkour maps and competitive parkour skills and hope to see more soon! Happy Parkouring! 🦘Read Full Post

I’ve got a question for you.. “Do you wanna build a parkooooour?” Announcing our newest game mode: Community Parkour(Click the icon in Hub Compass – full game information in our wiki) Everyone can play any map, but only Creative Donators can build parkour maps… have fun!!Read Full Post

We’re very happy to announce a new fun feature called ArmorStandTools! This new tool allows you to design some very creative scenes with armour stands It’s already available in both creative worlds and all comp worlds !!! What can it do? Type /ast to get the tools, be sure to read all the information and item descriptions. You can also now create custom heads with the /head command.Read Full Post

Its been so long since my last post!! How have you been doing? Where have i been and what have i been doing? All very good questions that i shall make another video about soon  However for now i’ve made a tutorial video showcasing and demoing our new plot management system we will be rolling out with soon on all plot servers! (Creative, Market etc.. and maybe the return of something….) It is called Plotsquared! ItRead Full Post