SkyGrid Is Here

Well here it is. The latest addition to our network of servers!

It’s fairly obvious that Skyblock is one of our most popular worlds. We realised that the community finds satisfaction in overcoming the thrilling difficulties and custom Challenges of the unique world. So naturally we took a closer look at our options to see what we could do with the resources available to us.

It is our utmost pleasure to announce our latest world Skygrid!!

With incredible dangers and possibilities never seen before on AddstarMC, we’re very confident Skygrid will be warmly welcomed by our community!

Here you can find:

* Over 80 Challenges
* The Nether AND The End
* An Admin Shop
* Personal Market Shop Capabilities
* Treasure Rewards (coming soon)
* Grief Prevention Claiming
* Proper 1.12
* Naturally Generated Loot Chests
* Over 25 Types of Spawner Blocks
* And much, much more!

Finally… Thank you to the amazing staff who have helped over the last few weeks/months getting this ready. Without you, we would still be at the drawing board. Additionally, a very special THANK YOU to MiniWorks18 for the hundreds of hours spent tirelessly working on the backend of this project over the past several months!! <3

So go forth and parkour your way through a survival skyblock world of wonder!

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