Build Comp is back

A long long time ago, Comp world was a thing. Comps that lasted 2-3 weeks that showcased some amazing builds and creativeness from everyone.

But then Mojang did its thing and updated, which subsequently broke our Comp plugin. The last official comp ended with GamesLobby back in Feb2020. Since then there were several other comps carried out, but without the core plugin behind it all, it was far too much work to continue.

Move on nearly 4yrs, and without any poking from ArtfulMelody (yet), add5tar💖 took on the challenge to delve into the brain of Schmoller’s work and subsequently achieved the unachievable. The Comp plugin is back to its former glory, which means regular Comps are returning!!!

To kick off the return of Comp, and because it’s the “Spoopy” season (refer this post), the first comp is:

Haunted Place.

The 3 criteria are:

  1. Haunted Place – Build a spooky place (scene/structure) for Halloween.
  2. Cherry Blossom – Include some sort of cherry blossom somewhere.
  3. Spooky Tree – Must also include a spooky tree (of any type/size).

To join, head on through the water portal in Hub, or use the Hub compass and click on the Beacon. Remember that the rules within the Comp Lobby are to be adhered too.

Once the comp closes (30 Oct 23 at 2200hrs (10pm servertime)), then you’ll have a chance to re-enter the comp world and vote on everyone’s build using your hotbar.

Good luck all and don’t let your build burn down (Funny memorable Comp moment..)

Disclaimer: This shouldn’t happen again, but who knows….

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