AddstarMC/Place: Season 2 is here!

We did it! Thanks to your incredible support and contributions, we’ve reached our community funding goal, and we’re beyond excited to announce the launch of AddstarMC/Place: Season 2!

What is “AddstarMC/Place”?

For those new to the fun, AddstarMC/Place is our community-driven pixel art event inspired by Reddit’s “r/place” events. Players can place coloured pixels on a shared canvas, creating collaborative art over time. The event is dynamic, with cooldown periods between pixel placements to ensure everyone can contribute. Check out our previous event to see the amazing artwork the community created last year.

What to Expect

  • Event Details: Starts 22 June 2024 – Ends 22 July 2024 (30 days)
  • Smaller Canvas, Bigger Impact: Our canvas is now half the size, ensuring every pixel you place makes a significant difference. Your artistic vision will come to life faster than ever before!
  • Faster Cooldowns: With a reduced cooldown of just 20 seconds, you’ll be placing pixels with barely any time to sip your coffee! The canvas will be a dynamic, ever-evolving masterpiece.
  • Cooldown Auto-Scaling: The standard cooldown will automatically be reduced by 1 second for each additional online player in the canvas (with a maximum of 10s).
  • Boosters to Supercharge Your Creativity: New this season, you can purchase Boosters to allow you to reduce cooldowns even further or place multiple pixels in one go 😱 Perfect for those who want to make their mark even faster and let their creativity fly!
  • Full Time Lapse Video: As with last time, there will be a full timelapse video of the efforts and we’d love to see some fun animations or maybe some pixel battles? 😉

Join the Fun

Whether you’re an experienced pixel artist or new to the scene, AddstarMC/Place is for everyone. Rally your friends, bring your ideas, and let’s create something truly spectacular together!

We can’t wait to see the incredible creations you’ll bring to life this season. Thank you for your support, and let’s make AddstarMC/Place: Season 2 the best yet!

Important Rules

  • NO inappropriate/offensive builds.
  • You are allowed to change or extend art of other people but no griefing/malicious work!
  • You can’t claim or own any part of the canvas (including pixels you place).
  • This is an evolving collaborative effort, so be willing to work with others.

We’re excited to see all the amazing incredible things you come up with! 🤩

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