Farewell to Hardcore 1.20

It’s time to wave goodbye to our beloved Minecraft Hardcore 1.20 worlds as we gear up for the epic launch of the brand-new Hardcore 1.21!


Our Hardcore 1.20 worlds will be shutting down sometime on Sunday, 30th June 2024, so make sure to take a stroll down memory lane before it’s gone! Remember to take all the screenshots/videos you can and submit them to our Image Submission form.


We’re prepping the Hardcore server for the all new Minecraft 1.21, so you can experience the community adventures with Trial Chambers all the new features!

Memories to Cherish:

  • 200Town Shenanigans: Who could forget the bustling streets of 200Town? From Mayoral elections to epic builds and city protection, you made it a place of endless fun and creativity!
  • Hilarious Deaths: Ah, the sweet sound of “Oh no, not again!”… Whether it was accidental lava baths, unexpected creeper hugs, or the occasional accidental tragedy from Iron Golem revenge, each demise added a touch of entertainment for the admins 🤣

We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and some of us have respawned far too many times. But every moment has been a blast, and we can’t wait to create even more unforgettable memories with you in the new 1.21 worlds!

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for updates on the launch date of our Minecraft 1.21 worlds. We promise it will be worth the wait, with new features, fresh challenges, and even more opportunities for community fun!

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. We can’t wait to see you in the new worlds and watch you conquer even more hardcore adventures… and die frequently! 😈

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