Howdy all. A quick update on what’s going on.  SG Map. If you havent noticed or heard, a new Survival Games map has been released. Primordial Island. This map has been carefully planned from scratch. The terrain… buidings… biomes. From a flat world, to a well thought out map, WVKoreaGirl and CoolOwlChick have done an amazing job creating this new map! Hardcore. You’ve probably seen or heard our plans for hardcore. Yes it’s true. Hardcore is getting a reset.Read Full Post

Both Survival Games and Minigames are now running Minecraft 1.9, meaning no more need to switch back and forth between 1.8 and 1.9 clients just to play a minigame! Some of the Minigames are disabled at present since we need to test and tweak things to make them compatible with the new MC 1.9 mechanics.  We may also need to tweak a few of the parkour jumps based on altered behavior.  Please provide feedback with /ticket if you encounter aRead Full Post

Do you enjoy playing Survival Games? We are hosting our first ever Survival Games Tournament. There will be interesting prizes for all participants and of course there will be special rewards for the winners. It should be great fun for everyone so please spread the word and ask your friends to join in! When:Sunday 31st March, 3pm-6pm (Sydney time) Where: Survival Games Arena Looking forward to seeing your all in game! ๐Ÿ™‚Read Full Post